We do not grow the plant. The plant grows all on its own.

All we do is provide an environment that is suitable for the plant to thrive. We are just caretakers.

Plants grow and reproduce all by themselves in nurture. If they are thriving in an area, its mostly likely because they have adapted over hundreds of years to the environment or are hardy enough to adapt quickly.

No one checks the PH or adds a three part nutrient solution deep in the jungles and forest. The plants just grow. There almost always seems to be sufficient nutrients and water in the soil for plants to thrive.

Soils are a combination of sand, silt, rock, and all sorts of organic matter in different stages of decomposition. Not all soils are the same and certain plants will thrive in some areas but not others. The composition of the soil influences the PH, water retention capability, fertility, and even the type of microbes that live in it.

Plant roots pull up water and nutrients from the soil and use them to grow their tissues and create food through photosynthesis. The nutrients they absorb are in the form of minerals. Plants do not absorb or eat organic matter.

Mostly all living organism consume, contain , or create minerals. These minerals are used by the living organism and eventually disposed of in organic form as waste. Microbes exist all around us. They are the reason that everything organic decomposes. They decompose living organisms (organic matter) and their waste products and convert them into mineral form. PLANTS ABSORB MINERALS.

A healthy and diverse population of soil microbes is one of the most important parts of growing organically.

We take care of the soil environment and feed the microbes. The microbes feed our plant.

The ambient environment is just as important because temperature and humidity affects transpiration of water from the soil up through the plant and out of leaf pores called Stomata. Temperature & humidity also affects how fast water evaporates from the soil and the temperature of the soil itself.

Our goal is to make the soil environment comfortable for microbes. This means good temps, plenty of water & oxygen, and sufficient food source (Organic matter).