What type of seed to grow?

Cannabis seeds are available in three flavors. They are called Regular seeds, Feminized seeds, and Auto flower seeds.

Regular seeds are produced by crossing a male and female plant. The male cannabis plant fertilizes the Female plant flowers with pollen. the female plant then creates seeds in her flowers. The seeds produced this way will be 50% female plants and 50% male. Some people believe that these type of seeds are stronger and hardier than the rest.

Feminized seeds are produced by crossing a hermaphrodite female with another female. When a female plant is stressed or chemically treated with colloidal sliver, she will turn into hermaphrodite. The seeds that are produced from this cross will be mostly female but there is still a chance you will have some males and hermaphrodites. Some growers prefer these seeds because they are almost always guaranteed a female.

Autoflower seeds are created by crossing Cannabis Sativa/Indica with a sub-species called Cannabis Ruderalis. Ruderalis is a small plant that doesn’t produce much THC. It also does not depend on the light cycles to influence its life cycle like Regular and feminized do. Ruderalis will grow from start to finish in 9-11 weeks total. Crossing an Indica/Sativa with a Rudralis produces a small plant that can yield higher THC and does not depend on light cycles. Some growers prefer these type of seeds because of the short cultivation time, and short stature. I personally dont grow them.

Germinating seeds

Seeds are like time capsules that hold the parents genetic information. They have energy stores that will power them enough time to reach light and develop their roots to take up nutrients. All the seed needs to begin this process is W.W.T. Water – Warmth – Time. I know of three different germination techniques and they’re all real easy.

Paper towel technique seeds are folded into a wet paper towel (water). The paper towel is placed in to a ziploc bag forinsulation (warmth). The ziploc bag is placed in a dark warm place while the seed germinates (time). Takes about 2-3 days to germinate.

Cup of water technique Seeds are dropped into a cup of lukewarm Water. the cup is placed in a Warm dark place and given Time to germinate. takes 2-3 days to germinate.

Direct planting Seeds can also be directly planted into the soil as long as the soil is moist and warm. The seeds probably germinate within 3 days similar to the other techniques but are not visible above ground for 5-7 days.

*Image showing tap root emerging from seed shell*
Temperature 75°F- 83°F
23°C- 28°C
seeds germinate 2-7 dayswhen a small tap roots
shows, transplant into soil

Seedling Stage

A grow room should allow you to control the light. Cannabis is photosensitive. The light or lack of light effects the plants life cycle. When the plant receives more than 12 hours of light in a day, it will remain in vegetative stage. In vegetative stage, the plant concentrates its energy into it structure ( leaves , stems etc..).

Once your seed sprouts up out of the soil, it will need light.  The light does not have to be that intense though. I’ve used 100 watt CFLs in the past and they have worked just fine.  Insufficient light will cause the seedling to stretch.

If you planted your seed in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil like I do, ll the seedling needs for the next few weeks is water.  Your only job is to prevent the soil from drying out or getting to wet. 

Temperature is very important in this stage. You want the room to be warm and humid. Your plant is small and the roots are not developed enough so the moisture in the air helps.  I monitor my seedlings with a multi station wireless thermo-hygrometer. Too cold and the plant struggles.  Too hot and the plant struggles.. just try your best to make it as close to perfect as possible.      

Temperature74°F – 84°F
23°C – 28°C
Humidity 50%-70%