Importance of light

Plants create food in the form of carbohydrates through a process called photosynthesis. Light affects the development of the plant in a big way. Without an adequate light source, plants become weak, leggy, and the flowers do not develop dense and solid. Instead you get airy buds with very low trichome production. Trichomes are what hold the psychoactive and medical chemicals, as well as the aroma and flavor terpenes.

Wave Lengths

White light is made up from a whole mess of colors in the form of wave lengths. Some we can see and some like infra red, we can’t. What the human eye perceives and what your plant absorbs are not the same. Plants are able absorb a very wide range of wave length through pigments in their leaves called chlorophyll. Plants prefer wave lengths between the 400-700nano meter range. So even though a light may seem bright to your eye, it may not have the wave length your plant requires.

Measuring Light intensity

Light intensity should never be measured by the amount of electricity it uses. This is an old inaccurate method used back in the day when people used High intensity discharge lighting systems. Grow lights now a days are way more efficient and a 400 watt LED light will out shine a 400 watt HID any day of the week. The correct measurement of light intensity is PAR ( photosynthetic active radiation ). PAR meters only measure plant use able wave lengths.

Green Sunshine Company – Electric Sky 300

The electric Sky 300 is a great light. Its got everything your looking for in a grow light; intensity, correct wavelengths, and coverage.

The light is 36″ long and 12″ wide. I found that one of these can light a 2×4 space evenly and completely. You can flower in a 2×4 space but I wouldn’t go much bigger than that. In the Veg stage, this light has enough power to light a 4×4 easy. I used 1 light during the Veg. stage and two during the Flowering stage.

The spectrum on the first generation was tuned to what Green Sunshine Company believed to be the sweet spot for absorption. I cant 100% say this is true cuz im no scientist , but I can tell you that my flowers developed denser than ever before this light. This may have been do to genetics but its hard to say, maybe it was the spectrum. Id have to run clones under separate lights a few times to really verify this is true.

The ES300’s and its sister the ES180 are passively cooled lights. This means that it does not have fans to extract the heat from the LED chips and components. instead, the heat is transferred to the metal body which acts like a heat sink. Green sunshine company recommends that you air cool the units using fans.

One of the best things I can say about this company is that their customer service is above all the rest. Dan’s the man and he will respond to all messages and even give you grow advice if you need it.

I was able to pull 12.5 OZ from one plant with light. I’m sure i could have pulled more if I allowed the plant to Veg. out a little longer. Ive posted the grow journal video below.

Price: $695 at the time this article

Discount: 10% off

Discount Code: CALIGREEN

Mars-Hydro – SP3000

The Sp3000 is super intense. This light has a little bit of a hot spot ( area where light is much more intense than others) so you can hang it higher and still get good intensity. The intensity of the light really allows for deep penetration of the canopy.

Hung at 24″ this light covers a 2×4 space mostly evenly in the flowering stage. Hang it any lower and the the hot spot really kicks in ( inverse square law ). The intensity is almost too much for Veg. stage but the Sp3000 has a dimmer which allows you to turn it down if you plan on using it for clones and seedlings.

The controller is super simple, Rocker switches and a dimming knob. This controller allows you to daisy chain and control multiple lights. It really does look like it was made in the 80’s but it truly is 100% functional and gets the job done.

The website list the spectrum as being full spectrum sunlight with added red chips for warmth. I noticed that this light also has UV chips as well. You can see them when you first turn the light on. They’re the first ones to come on. Some people believe that UV promotes trichome production. Again, I cant say for sure but i did get great trichome production when I grew my plant. This would be a great selling point but for some reason, Mars Hydro doesn’t even mention it.

I was able to pull 9.8 oz from one plant with this light. I did run into some issues in this grow so I’m sure that affected the out come, I’m sure I could pull more. Ive posted the grow journal video below .

Price: $399.99 at the time of this article

Discount: 3% off

Discount code: CALIGREEN